Influencers are becoming the chestnut in the content marketing mix. They can offer evidence and special access to communities that brands shall find unreachable otherwise. The good part is that there are millions of ways in which brands can evaluate the success of influencer marketing.

For influencer marketing, determining the marketing KPIs depends on the objectives of the influencer program. But you can get pretty grainy with every metric with the right influencer marketing tools. Influencer marketing KPIs can vary depending on the campaign, influencer, brand and channel. In some cases, a mix can apply. Based on whatever your objective or goal is, these KPIs can give insights on your influencer program in relation to the rest of your marketing campaigns.

Influencers can help to increase the awareness and visibility of your brand within their community. They have a definite impact on the people exposed to your brand across different marketing channels.

When running an influencer marketing campaign, there are a few key KPIs that you can look out for, to ensure the success of your campaign:


Keeping a track on impressions can be helpful for new brands and new target audiences. It often takes several touches even from the trusted influencers before a new buyer will convert.

It can be worth it to measure impressions at the beginning if that first introduction gradually reduces the cost of acquisition for that customer.

Impressions alone can be looked at as a less considerable measurement as it doesn’t mark engagement purpose or any kind of brand recall, but it’s still an important one to track as it can give you a quick glimpse into the proportion of your campaigns. Beyond impressions and reach, it’s important to understand the earned media value of this content.


One of the most essential KPIs to measure and evaluate the success of your influencer marketing campaigns is engagement. It notifies you about the actions and responses of the people on the content created by influencers.

Audience Growth:

With the help of reach and engagement, new interests and audience growth into future communications can be indicated. Ultimately, using influencers to grow your social following can be a cost-effective tactic, but occasionally tough to measure. To measure audience growth, the best way is to use social media analytics to monitor the followers and keep an eye on how many new ones are gained during the campaign.

Direct Sales:

Direct sales are often one that marketers at first shy away from as it’s difficult to evaluate without several tools. That being said, it’s quite possible, especially when the influencer content is being used across several channels.

It’s important to understand what types of influencer marketing you should use and how much you spend on the images of the products and photoshoots for social campaigns. Once you have an idea of the costs, you can see how much the influencer content can save you in the production costs.

It doesn’t matter what success matrix you choose with influencer marketing, it is significant to note that the results can take time to come to fruition. Eventually, it is important to constantly evaluate the success of your campaigns while staying open to new ideas and ways to realize the success of the program. Connect with a digital agency today that will provide you with top influential marketing tactics to save your business cost and to reach new audiences and new heights.

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