After all of your work, from logo design to the creation of social media accounts, it indicates you’ve covered all aspects of creating an amazing brand. The next step is a lead generation campaign in UAE, in which you’ll solve your customers’ pain points by offering your services/products. However, these campaigns necessitate the best techniques, and if you fail and don’t have leads, all of your efforts will fall flat as an overbaked soufflé. 

If you want to learn how to start a successful lead generation plan, keep reading because we’ve got the 10 steps you need to do to attract and keep leads. But first, it’s best to understand what lead generation is. 

What Is a Lead Generation Campaign? 

A lead generation campaign is a marketing strategy that helps brands attract new customers, or “leads,” for a company’s products/services. The primary goal of such campaigns is to catch the attention of those who may have a true need or interest in what the company offers and convert them into potential customers. And later turn those leads into influencers for their brand.

Lead generation Dubai campaigns commonly include a variety of methods and channels, like online advertising, content marketing, social media outreach, email marketing, and others. These all tactics assist in bringing loyal customers.

Businesses can eventually guide these leads down the sales funnel by engaging with and nurturing them, improving the likelihood of conversion, and developing a loyal client base. Lead generation Dubai efforts that are effective are critical for organizations trying to expand their customer base and increase income.

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10-Step Lead Generation Plan for an Effective Campaign

At Point Blanc Media, we build the most effective lead-generation Dubai campaigns that perform well and run smoothly. But this cannot be accomplished with a single modest step—you must complete all ten of the following steps:

  • Establish a Clear Objective

The first and foremost option is that you need to gauge the success of your lead generation campaign, and it’s essential to establish clear objectives. However, brands should define the following key parameters for nurturing the leads:

  • Determine the precise number of leads you aim to acquire.
  • Specify your desired cost per lead.
  • Set a realistic timeframe for achieving your lead generation goals.

Next, decide whether your target is primarily existing customers or new prospects, and consider the percentage split between them. And explore any supplementary objectives you may have, such as; enhancing brand awareness, launching new products, or diversifying into different markets.

With the help of all these factors, you’ll be in a better position to assess the efficacy of your lead-generating activities.

  • Research Your Audience

Before launching a lead generation campaign, your brand must ensure that your data is clean, current, and usable. It makes no sense to invest resources in engaging your target market if the list you’re using is not updated. As a result, allocating time, energy, and funding to do telemarketing ahead to starting the campaign is highly recommended to guarantee your data is fresh and current. 

These efforts contribute to determining:

  • Finding the ideal consumer for your company.
  • Consider the possibility of extending your consumer base.
  • Plan and Engage Your Content

The most interesting step of the lead generation campaign is planning and creating the best content for ad campaigns. It’s critical to write an ad copy that addresses your customers’ requirements and aspirations, whether they want useful material, a free trial, or appealing offers.

Your content should immediately connect with your customers. So, it’s essential to avoid overwhelming your target audience with technical jargon about extravagant features and functions. Instead, emphasize how your product or service will help them:

  • Will it save them time or money?
  • Can it enhance their productivity?
  • Does it simplify their lives?

By utilizing these techniques, your content will be more effective in capturing your audience’s attention and interest. And bring more leads to your brand! 

  • Stand Out From The Crowd

Your target audience is extremely busy around with their stuff or fast-paced jobs. They probably don’t even bother opening their emails each other day, and their social media platforms are overflowing with messages and information these days. So, they might visit their favorite brands only. In such a situation, how can you ensure that your marketing strategy stands out?

That’s why it’s important to stay creative with your content and it makes your brand a powerful competitor to other companies. Always give it the thought that you can interact with your audience effectively. Whatever you do with your content strategy for lead generation Dubai campaigns — it must be related to your company’s goals.

Quick Suggestion For Content: Create an offer—get creative with your content, your creatives to promote the content and more.

  • Maximize Content Promotion

In the contemporary multi-channel landscape, it’s crucial to guarantee the consistent presence of your lead generation campaign across all marketing channels. The cornerstone of this approach lies in maintaining message consistency and reinforcing your campaign’s impact. 

To achieve this, consider updating your website, corporate email footers, and social media platforms with the identical campaign message.

Furthermore, it’s important to adopt a strategic perspective when selecting the channels for content promotion. This means thoughtfully allocating your budget and pinpointing the platforms where your campaign delivers the most compelling results.

It can be on: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Google 
  • Follow The Rules 

If you decide to use direct mail to create leads, you should be aware that there are strict and transparent standards that must be followed. It is crucial that you not only understand these rules but also put them into practice within your campaign.

If you deal with us, we will ensure that you are renting or purchasing data from a reliable vendor who has obtained proper authorization to share the data with you. In the case of email messages, make sure you have a clear unsubscribe option and the essential systems in place to allow consumers to opt out.

The next step is to optimize targeted leads – once you’ve discovered your unique leads, you must optimize your approach. Measuring your progress is critical as you move forward with your campaign.

  • Have a Clear Call to Action

After your target list has received and engaged with your lead generation message, the critical question arises: What should they do next? The call to action stands as the most crucial element of your lead generation Dubai campaign. Without it, your audience won’t know how to proceed, potentially leading to campaign failure.

Ensure your call to action is evident and specific. Here are some sample CTAs to consider:

  • “Contact us now for an exclusive special offer.”
  • “Download our free comprehensive handbook for expert insights.”
  • “Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with industry news.”
  • “Request a personalized demo to see our product in action.”
  • “Sign up for a webinar to gain valuable knowledge.”

Remember, the key is to be direct and make it clear what action you want your audience to take.

  • Follow-up Lead Score

Recognize that not all leads are of equal value. It’s important to establish a system for assessing which leads are most promising for further nurturing and follow-up.

Point Blanc Media helps your lead generation campaign reach its full potential because our team understands the importance of maintaining proactive follow-up efforts. Following this one effective approach is ideal — just initiate a telemarketing exercise shortly after executing the lead generation Dubai campaign, capitalizing on the initial interest. This typically involves scheduling telemarketing activities a few days after the campaign’s launch.

The primary goal here is to actively engage with your target audience and encourage them to take the next step, whether it involves:

  • sales call 
  • a meeting
  • making a purchase
  • Engage Your Sales Team

You’ve successfully created a strong lead through a meticulously planned, multi-faceted lead-generation Dubai marketing campaign. What is the next step? It’s time to hand it over to a member of your sales team to keep up the great work.

The most effective way we recommend to brands that involve their pre-sales team, by informing them about the upcoming campaign,  their goals, roles, and expectations, including progress. 

When you pass on a lead, make sure you provide them with all the useful and relevant information available. Set a specific date for the salesperson to contact the prospect by phone, not email, and ask for feedback on the results. Maintain collaboration with the sales team as leads move through the sales cycle. 

Or you can simply contact us by calling +971 50 252 2401.

  • Measure Success

Last but least, it’s essential to determine whether your lead generation Dubai campaign has yielded a favorable return on investment (ROI). To do this effectively, ensure that you meticulously record all sales conversions and the revenue linked to your lead generation campaign. 

This step is the source that will provide a clear understanding of the lead generation campaign’s financial performance. For more help connect with our team – as we are the top leading lead generation companies in UAE.

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