Let’s Introduce you to it

What is Video Marketing?

The second search engine after google is youtube, harness its power with a tailor made video. By 2019, online video will account for 80% of all online traffic.

More words can paint a lovely picture, but a picture is worth a thousand words. If we were to logically extend this argument, it can be deduced that a video is worth a thousand images; which is why they are used so widely by online marketers. Video marketing continues to remain relevant trend in 2017, with online marketers expecting over 74% of all internet traffic to originate from videos. It is important businesses understand that capitalizing on video marketing services can prove a great ROI.

Since video marketing can drastically impact your online visibility and customer trust as well as loyalty in the brand, Point Blanc’s Video Marketing team highly recommends investing in a sound corporate video production strategy. As one of the leading video marketing company in Dubai, Point Blanc Media has amassed vast experience in creating numerous corporate video Channels on major video sharing platforms (such as Youtube, Vimeo and Metacafe, etc.).


Why do you need it?

Easily catch the attention of your prospects!

Last year alone the video marketing industry totaled a business of $8.05 billion, and with that spending expected to increase in 2018, 52% professional marketers have declared videos content to be the best ROI.

Improved SEO Ranking – Search engines such as Google and Bing include videos in their search results, which can help your videos get indexed faster, increase your click-through rates and conversions.

Accessibility – There are endless possibilities of video sharing sites and most of them are absolutely free. Viewers can easily access your content online, anywhere and anytime.

High Viewer Retention Rates – Studies have shown 80 percent of viewers are able to recall information that carries both visual and auditory elements.

Build Brand Trust and Loyalty – Global consumer trends show that 75% customer shopping behaviors are influenced by corporate videos shared across social media channels, since people like to do business with brands they know and trust.

How Do We Do It?

Our Process

Need Evaluation: Point Blanc Media believes in clear communication channels and transparency. Hence, we ensure from the very start of the first sit-in with our clients that everyone is on the same page in terms of client’s needs, the existing situation, project components and expected deadlines.

Communication Message & Scripting: We work on piecing together the brainstormed ideas into one coherent chain, so that the content of the video optimized to client requirements. The creative team uses these same ideals to round up a message and a custom design that will make the cut.

Production: Once the script is completed, it is handed over to the production team to bring the concept to life, within the specified deadline.

Post Production: Following production, the entire project is critically reviewed for any shortcomings. This can involve a lot of back and forth.

Publishing: Finally, with the client’s approval our PR and Communications channels set to work advertising and promoting the content to its fullest.


""Point Blanc Media associated with us for our brand Stinnos. They have a young and positive team which understands the strategy and gets into the business by getting to the core of it solving problem with innovative solutions which are very forth coming therefore I am delighted to be associated with them especially because they have great understanding with e-commerce giants which helps in increasing sales.""

StinnosclubThe kids club

"Point Blanc Media is doing a great job with the promotion of Fujifilm and Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop. Their campaigns have helped in increasing our footfall and sales in the past few months. In a short span, they have given us a great response and we are happy to work with them."

FujifilmPhotography Company

What will we offer?

Why Point Blanc Media

Out of the box ideas – Our team comes up with out-of-the box ideas for video marketing campaigns; we understand that a message will be only as long-lasting as it is creative and memorable.

Customized Strategy – Our video marketing campaign resonate with your overall business strategy to ensure financial success; and to help you create relationships with customers based on a consistent business outlook – which in turn build brand trust and loyalty.

Proficient Staff – We have hired some of the best people in the industry of video marketing Dubai. Our animation experts are highly capable at combining complex concept with captive storytelling in order to deliver a larger than life image and generate an appropriate response from the audience.

Cost Effective Solutions – In this digital age, video marketing is beneficial for all businesses, whether big or small. Our in-house video production team allows us to produce cost-effective solutions, and come up with a range of packages that can serves diverse businesses big or small.